Krystle would love to live in a world where aches and pains, stress and anxiety don't exist; not a strain, sprain, headache, or case of whiplash to be found.  Sadly, this is not the world we live in.  And so Krystle is dedicating her career to helping those around her find some relief through massage therapy!

She became a Registered Massage Therapist by way of the West Coast College of Massage Therapy, which is kinda a big deal as they've been the massage school of choice for over three decades.  Not only that, but she also has additional training in DermoNeuroModulating, which is a gentle treatment approach, ideal for those working through persistent or extremely hypersensitive pain.

Her treatment style always includes a generous helping of that relaxing Swedish massage we all know and love.  But with that "registered" in her title, targeted therapeutic modalities are blended into treatment too: trigger point release for the knots we all get, facilitated stretching for tight areas, and gentle mobilizations for stiff joints.  If indicated, Krystle may also integrate Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization into treatment; sounds scary, but it's totally not.

Krystle's strong belief is that massage facilitates the body's own natural healing, which is pretty awesome!  And if you think so too, she'd love to see you in the clinic.  Then, to help you manage pain between visits, she can also suggest practical and doable homecare, because the truth is how you treat your body outside the clinic can help or hinder the lasting benefits of your treatment.

If you like, she can also direct bill your visit to Pacific Blue Cross or RCMP Medavie Blue Cross (with your doctor's note); how convenient is that!?

**Kindly remember that 24 hours cancellation notice is required and the full treatment fee will be charged for missed appointment

Krystle Brock, R.M.T.