Carley Sereduik, R.M.T.

Carley is a graduate from West Coast College of Massage Therapy where she went through extensive training and proficiency in treating a variety of conditions.  With experience treating a wide demographic of patients, she can help everyone from young athletes to senior citizens improve mobility, increase mental awareness and reduce pain.

Growing up in an athletic environment playing competitive sports, came with its fair share of injuries. Carley looked for a more natural remedy to treat her injuries and turned to massage therapy to help.  She experienced first hand the positive effects of massage therapy and developed an interest in the field, which lead her on the journey of becoming an RMT. 

Since having the opportunity to work in both a spa and clinical setting, Carley has learnt many modalities for both relaxation and therapeutic massage. She believes both should be incorporated in order to achieve optimal health. Her science based approach to massage and willingness to listen to a patients needs has earned her a reputation of being an exceptional therapist in her field. She is a firm believer that massage therapy shouldn’t be painful in order to be effective. Her treatment techniques used- but are not limited too; Myofascial release, trigger point therapy, active/passive stretching, joint mobilization along with Swedish massage.

Carley’s focus is always on you and making sure we try to reach your optimal health! She is excited to be apart of the South Langley Massage Therapy team and is available for booking Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.